Recognizing YULA’s rich and vibrant history, the Board of Directors of YULA Boys is committed to preparing YULA for the future. Led by a comprehensive and Strategic Plan, YULA has embarked on an ambitious initiative: the YULA Campus Completion Project. A major facilities expansion has begun to meet the needs of future generations of young men and their families.

The $15 million campaign is by far the largest YULA has undertaken and strives to fulfill our mission of providing the highest level of academic success -- in both Judaic and General Studies -- to the young men who enter our doors.

The campaign will raise funds in support of the following expansion:

  • A central plaza connecting the wings and creating a central hub for numerous school activities.
  • A 9,000 s.f. state of the art gym with bleacher seating for 400 during athletic events and 700 for auditorium use.
  • A 1,500 s.f. collaborative learning center to accommodate the ever changing educational landscape in a modern and unique setting.
  • A 1,700 s.f. experiential learning wing with innovation lab and robotics lab.
  • A 500 s.f. art studio overlooking the courtyard terrace.
  • Three new classrooms totaling 1,600 s.f. to accommodate a growing student body.

The financing for the Campus Completion Project has been secured with California United Bank allowing groundbreaking to commence in November 2016. Almost $10 million has already been pledged to the campaign. It is anticipated that the additional $5 million for the project will be raised over 18 months in the form of major gifts.

The vision for YULA will ensure that our School remains competitive and able to fulfill our mission of instilling within our students a love for Hashem, the study and practice of Torah and an appreciation for Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael, while affording them an opportunity to excel in the study of the sciences and humanities, all within a uniquely nurturing environment that fosters a close and supportive relationship among students and faculty. The result of this vision will be students who learn to achieve at their highest potential, who have the opportunity to continue their education at prestigious yeshivot in Israel and universities in the United States, and who develop into strong, morally-based leaders for tomorrow.

The vision for YULA Boys High School and the Campus Completion Project, when achieved, will ensure a high quality facility to enable us to educate generations of students to come. This is an ambitious undertaking for YULA, and its success will depend on the leadership of YULA’s alumni, parents, friends and others who are in a position to help us fulfill our mission.

Thank you for your interest in YULA Boys High School’s vision for the future. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how you can help us take YULA into the future. With your help, and that of other generous supporters, achievement of our strategic plan will become a reality as we continue to strive to provide an exceptional education to the young men of YULA.